Rev. Romell Williams, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is the first-born son of Rev. and Mrs. Romell Williams, Sr. Rev. Williams represents the third generation of men in his family to preach the Word of God. He accepted his call to the ministry and was licensed at seventeen. He was later ordained at the age of nineteen. Rev. Williams was educated at the historical Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of Trinity International University.

Rev. Williams accepted his call to be the shepherd of Lilydale Progressive M.B. Church in September 2004, and has committed himself to the spiritual health and growth of the members of Lilydale and the Roseland community. Under his leadership, Lilydale has experienced physical, spiritual, and administrative growth. He is a sought after speaker on a local and national level, both within and beyond denominational boundaries. He is a recognized expositor of God’s Word with experience in Conferences, Revivals, Lecture Series and other Parachurch endeavors. He currently serves as the associate director for preaching workshops with the Simeon Trust.

God has favored Rev. Williams and given him a helpmate and he is married to the lovely Mrs. LaTashia DeBre’ Williams of Rockford, IL. They are the proud parents of two sons, Caleb Jefferson Williams, Joshua Romell Williams.

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The Church/Elders Council Is the governing body of our church.  We believe in a plurality of leadership according to the biblical model of the New Testament. Determines and sets the spiritual direction for the congregation.    1 Peter 5: 1-4



Pastoral Team

Rev. Romell Williams, Senior Pastor
Rev. Peter Williams, Associate Pastor of Congregational Development
Rev. Edgar Philpot, Associate Pastor of Student Ministries
Rev. Romell Williams, Sr. Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

Finance Team

Edward Rogers, Church Treasurer

Environmental Services Team

Hershel Evans, Buildings and Grounds Manager

Administrative Team

Rev. Lawrence Walker, Church Administrator 

Mary Spillers, Office Manager/ E.A. to Rev. Williams


Music Ministry Team                                          James Simond, Director of Music
Torri Gordon, Worship Leader             

Randy Durr, Organist                             

Greg Rounds, Percussionist